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A couple shares their love of flowers with a new business venture | New

The Briary Flower Shop (also known as The Briary LLC) is owned and operated by a passionate husband and wife duo.

According to Cynthia Toskes, her husband, Tony, has always had a green thumb in addition to being an artist. Cynthia holds a bachelor’s degree in business management to go along with her work at the boutique. Tony and Cynthia also share a unique perspective and connection to flowers. “We both believe flowers bring happiness, peace and romance to every event they represent at the time,” Cynthia said.

It’s a contrast to Cynthia and Tony’s life, as she explained that all of her greatest memories involved flowers in one way or another, and the same goes for Tony.

“One is picking flowers at my Aunt Lucy’s. Tony’s sees his mother growing beautiful flowers in her flower garden,” she recalled, before adding that she believes flowers bring happiness to the world, no matter the occasion or situation.

Ever since she was young, Cynthia said she had always had a desire to own a boutique that would help supply her local community with the items they need to celebrate special occasions.

“What better way to show how much you care or find a way to someone’s heart than with flowers,” Cynthia said. “By having a flower shop, my family can share those moments with everyone who passes by our shop.”

Tony and Cynthia have been living in Milledgeville for a long time. With that in mind, there really wasn’t a better place to open The Briary for business. It wasn’t always certain that they would open a business, as Cynthia recalls. This led to a lengthy process, which included registration with federal, state, and local governments. Then they had to find wholesalers who could supply The Briary with the products they needed. Then they had to find a location that would work best for them, which they did at 3015 Heritage Place, Suite B.

“It’s been very exciting and surreal. Scary at times,” Cynthia said. “God played a part in the process, and I hope He always does.”

The shop is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Briary offers more than flowers. The company offers unique gifts for every occasion, such as baby showers and weddings. They also have a large selection of fresh flowers. August and September brought new additions including lilies, anemones, buttercups, as well as alstroemeria and callas.

The Briary also offers other types of plants, as well as gift baskets, plush balloons and balloons for all occasions. For any bride-to-be planning a wedding, The Briary Flower Shop has a cost plus 10% offer to meet flower needs.

Over the next two years, Tony and Cynthia plan to have a flower farm on their land on Hopewell Church Road, which will allow them to be self-sufficient and stock their shop with their own flowers and plants.