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A couple from Patna transform their garden into a commercial enterprise; Expertise

A couple from Patna take up gardening as a hobby and turn it into a profitable business.

While the Covid-19 outbreak has forced most of us to isolate ourselves at home, it has inspired a couple from Patna to take up gardening as a hobby to keep them busy during these difficult times. What started as a fun activity during lockdown has now become a full-fledged nursery.

Everything gardening related is readily available at their nursery, “Anshuman Garden”, from affordable flowering plants to horticultural instructions over the phone.

The owners of this nursery, Revathi Raman Sinha and his wife Anshu Sinha, who live in the Kankarbagh district of Patna, receive at least 500 orders a day.

In an interview, Revathi said: “We decided to grow plants on our patio while we were in the house during the Covid-induced lockdown. Anshu persuaded me to do it, and when I did for the first time, I was immediately in love with it.”

Revathi went on to say that he started producing several kinds of ornamental and flowering plants after learning the intricacies of gardening on YouTube. Their 1,500 square foot patio is currently home to over 200 types of plants, some of which are evergreen, such as hibiscus. Vegetables of all kinds are also grown here.

The couple had produced so many seedlings the previous year that they decided to open a nursery and sell seedlings on the internet at low prices.

“Unlike other nurseries, we are not just concerned with making a profit. They sell plants by shipping them from other places, while we produce the plants ourselves, which allows us to make a profit despite selling them at a low price.

When a sapling or other materials worth Rs 600 are ordered from their nursery, the items are delivered to the customer’s address.

Apart from that, the couple uses social media to share information about their garden with others.

WhatsApp and Facebook are two excellent platforms for disseminating information about flowers and plants to buyers.

They also sell organic compost made from food scraps.

Anshu Sinha, a schoolteacher, explained, “At first, I had to ask my husband for help, but now he is more interested in plants than me. We not only help customers grow plants, but we also ask for feedback and look forward to learning more about their experience buying from us.”

The couple sold plants to 100 people in less than a year. “Every day we sell about 500 plants. Pots and compost are also available for purchase at our nursery. We also receive out-of-state orders,” Revathi added.

The duo are now trying to expand their business to new heights. They are looking for a larger space to expand their nursery and sell more items.