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So much can you save on your appliances


You know, of course, that it costs you money every time you turn on the dryer, the washing machine, the dishwasher, or one of the other many machines you have. But are you really aware of how much you cost on an annual basis?

So much you can save on the laundry

So much you can save on the laundry

In fact, if you have an older date dryer, you can save around $ 500 a year if you replace it with an eco-friendly model labeled A +++, which most new models are. Of course it is best if you can not use the dryer as much as it is the home’s largest power outlet. It is also a great burden on the environment. It is far better to dry the clothes out in the open, but it can be easier said than done in the winter.

Replacing it with a newer model


It is said that it costs somewhere between 8 and 15 crowns each time you press the start button, and sets the machine to dry one’s clothes. If you just say 10 kroner, it is very easy to figure out what you can save every single week if you have it to run just every other day. If you just hang up your clothes twice a week, instead of using the dryer, you can save 20 dollars, and in one year it will be more than 1000 dollars. If your dryer is old, consider replacing it with a newer model – you can find many A +++ models here.

When it comes to the laundry itself, it is generally a good idea to rethink your washing habits a little. T-shirts, underwear and socks may need washing after use every time, but there are many who wash both blouses and pants too often, and when they do, it is too high. Wash fewer times and lower the temperature, so you can quickly save 30%

So much you can save on the dishes


There are many who make mistakes when it comes to washing dishes. If they have a dishwasher they use a lot of hot water to rinse dishes and service before they put it in the machine. This is wasteful and unnecessary. A dishwasher typically uses 10-12 liters of water, and if you rinse a lot, you can quickly use the same.

A dishwasher costs with depreciation, tabs, etc. on the machine approx. 12 kroner. If you can let the machine run once less a week, you have saved around 600 kroner a year. It is certainly not unthinkable that this is the case, as there are many who do not completely fill the machine before they let it run. You can read more savings tips here.

Guide – this is what to look for when applying for a loan

You can end up in situations where a loan is the only solution. be that you have to go out and buy a new car, here it is very normal to save yourself for the payment of it, also take a car loan and pay it off over time.

There can also be several other reasons for the far worse, making it a worse experience for you when you need to borrow money. You can risk standing somewhere in your life where the account is just empty and you need money to move on.

Interest rates will also increase the loan


Unfortunately, many people just forget to get a good idea of ​​what it takes to have a loan. Unfortunately, this means that people cannot always pay on time, which results in the amount owed only increasing. If you do not pay your installments on time, you will start and receive reminders from the company that has lent the money, and that interest rates will also increase the loan.

Before going out and taking out a consumer loan, we recommend that you read through here, where we come up with a host of great tips and tricks on how to get it all planned out properly.

Make a proper budget


One of the primary reasons people often end up as poor payers is that a proper and realistic budget has not been laid down.

Get any Help a professional set your budget – in this way you are sure that it is made realistic and all expenses are properly accounted for.

Need a loan?


Consider an extra time whether you actually need to take out a loan. If you really don’t need it, then of course you shouldn’t record it. So think about an extra time if you really need to borrow the money.

Release for reminder fees – Pay on time

Some of the things that can make it really expensive that loan money is repayment – If you do not pay on time, you will be charged a repayment fee consisting of a certain amount + xx% percent of the loan.

So always make sure to get the loan repaid on time.