Factoring or credit? Which solution to choose for your business?

With the arrival on the market of new financing techniques such as factoring, operating credit is no longer always the only solution to finance a business in need of liquidity. Factoring or credit? Our advice to help you choose the best product.


A product reminder

A product reminder

The operating credit is simply a loan made in the name of his company from a bank. Repayment is made in the short or medium term, and the company pays interest on the amount borrowed. Factoring, or factoring, is a relatively recent solution which consists of involving a factor in the business-customer relationship in order to considerably speed up the time it takes to collect invoices (more information on the business-factoring site).


Lack of cash or need funds to invest?

credit factor

Typically businesses looking to get a loan from a bank find themselves in one of two situations:

  • Lack of cash: due to financial difficulties
  • Need to invest: need to quickly obtain a large sum in order to finance a purchase or an investment


Factoring: alternative to credit

credit loan

Is factoring a real alternative to credit? It will all depend on why the company is looking for a loan. In particular, factoring will be interesting for companies that suffer from a lack of liquidity due to the payment delay of their customers. Indeed, thanks to the factor, it is possible to obtain cash as soon as an invoice is issued, without waiting on the customer’s payment! This faster contribution in cash makes it possible, for example, to pay suppliers more quickly, and therefore to negotiate their purchase prices.


Operating credit: ideal for financing an investment

Operating credit: ideal for financing an investment

Operating credit (or commercial credit) remains the most widely used solution for financing an investment, for example, since it can quickly obtain a sometimes large sum of money. This solution remains punctual, however, and does not constitute a solution to redress the finances of a business in the long term.


Comparison of solutions for your business

business credit

sustainability Features Ideal for Cost info


One-off solution Payment of a single amount From 10,000 to 300,000 dollars Refund over 12 – 84 months Finance a project, fill a cash need Interest rate on amount paid 4.9% – 9.9% Credit Richlink sustainability Features Ideal for Cost info


Long-term solution Acceleration of collections Payment within 1-2 days (against 30-90d.) Protection against default Sustainably improve liquidity Commission on each transaction 1% – 5% of invoiced amounts business-factoring

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Sms new tips | Compare loans online and borrow money quickly

Although the terms sms loans and fast loans are easily intertwined, there are some things that still characterize what we at least previously called sms loans.

With the old way of looking at it is that a sms loan is in the form of a small loan, usually up to a few thousand dollars, which can be obtained quickly, often as early as the afternoon or the next weekday / banking day.

Applying for a sms loan should be easy


Applying for a sms loan should be easy and nowadays the method of applying for the loan by sending a sms has more or less disappeared and has been replaced by the application being made directly on the loan company’s website. There you fill in a simple form, verify your identity with BankID, e-leg or Instator and then you get a direct message whether or not your sms loan has been granted.

If the loan is granted, the money is paid out immediately and very directly, which means that if you have the same bank as the loan company, you can even get the money within a quarter or at least the same day. Common banks for which direct payment works well are Nordea, Handelsbanken and Swedbank. If you have another bank, you can normally expect the money to come into the account the next weekday.

An old traditional sms loan often has a maturity of usually 30 days

An old traditional sms loan often has a maturity of usually 30 days

Depending on the loan amount. New legislation will gradually force the sms companies to have 61 days as the shortest possible repayment period.
The new law comes as a result of more or less forcing the companies that want to survive to change their conditions. It can be both for the better and for the worse for the consumers, but whatever you can always solve your sms loan earlier than you initially agreed on, so it is not really to any disadvantage for you as a borrower.
You also see sms loans with extra long repayment time breaking ground in an increasingly tough competition.

Popular form of loan if you need to get money


Sms loans are always a good and popular form of loan if you need to get money in the account quickly, for example, it can be situations where you get an unexpected expense that can not wait until you get a salary, or if you need to make a purchase as the salary this month, is not enough this time.

The advantage of smaller sms loans and the like compared to other loans is that you can get the money on the same day, which is usually when you need the money as best.

Loans are advanced though often not at all | Payday Loans

Thinking about borrowing money for the first time can be a little daunting as there are actually quite a lot of different words etc which are good to know what they mean.

But if my penetrates a little more carefully in this area it is actually not so advanced. Sure, if you want to calculate effective interest rates etc. yourself it can be a bit advanced but at the same time there is no major reason to do so as there are many tools that can help with this.

If you take micro-loans as an example


The lenders who do this have done the best they can to make it as simple as possible. The tip when it comes to this type of loan is that you who are thinking about it really think through everything first. Only a little while ago, it was very common with application code and to get hold of this an SMS would be sent away.

Something that cost money regardless of whether or not a loan was obtained. This cost was not then directly to the loan, which meant that a number of lenders did not include this cost in their total price. Very good example of things to look up.

If you look at the largest loans that are usually offered to us

money cash


The question of mortgages is usually the case. We have here on the site a large department that deals with this mortgage. Have for me that there are around 30 articles that address different aspects of this type of loan. At first glance, mortgages may sound quite advanced, but if you read what we have written, you will soon find that it is not that difficult really.

Remember that you can always ask the lender you are thinking if this is something you are wondering about.

It is always best to do this before there is any doubt

money cash

In total, there are hundreds of articles on this site that raise loans and where we explain it most. Furthermore, we have a large glossary that addresses most of the “difficult” words found in this industry. Hopefully you can find the information you want here on the site. Our goal is quite simple with the site and it is that you who visit us should be able to find what you want. 

A good golden rule that you can bring with you when it comes to loans is to check all the question marks before any money is borrowed. The banks / lenders themselves, for example, often have very good information and then we obviously hope that we here at Arthur Dimmesdale can be a part as well.


Consumer Credit: regulation, definition, contract and company in agreement for companies

What is it and what is the precise definition of consumer credit , one of the many forms of financing that are offered to various customers. We find out about the regulation that regulates this service and between whom the contract is signed. Finally, let’s see which companies offer business opportunities the opportunity to sign the agreement to offer consumer credit.


Consumer credit: definition and regulation of the contract

Consumer credit: definition and regulation of the contract

Consumer credit is a form of financing that is offered by some businesses to its customers. This is a very useful service both from the customer’s point of view and from that of the trader. Anyone interested in buying a good or service, in fact, may need a loan that allows him to defer the payment of the good or service in question. As far as the trader is concerned, without the possibility of offering his customers the possibility of paying in convenient installments, many activities would be forced to close down due to lack of buyers.

As established by Italian law, the consumer credit activity is the exclusive prerogative of banks , financial institutions , and commercial businesses that fall into particular categories, identified by the type of store. The latter may grant the loan to their customers only in the form of deferred payment, and to do so they must request authorization and enter into a contract of agreement with one of the institutes offering this type of service.

Among the categories of traders who can make the request for a convention we find, for example, the owners of car showrooms , sellers of household appliances and household items , or even sports or electronics . As we have said, consumer credit does not refer only to the sale of goods but also to services , therefore the travel agencies , the organizers of weddings and ceremonies , or those offering language courses are included in the commercial activities involved. also gyms and fitness centers .

So there are many categories of shops that can grant consumer credit to their customers. As far as the definition of this form of financing is concerned, it is good to specify how limits are defined, out of which we no longer talk about consumer credit. The minimum and maximum funding thresholds are defined by Law 142/1992, and are equal to 154.93 euros and 30.987.41 euros . In addition, all loans that do not provide for a deferral of payment but only the postponement of the same, which will take place in a single installment, is not part of consumer credit cases. The same applies to loans that do not provide for interest , as happens for loans between individuals, in the case in which to grant funding is for example a relative or a family friend.


Consumer credit company under agreement

Consumer credit company under agreement

If you own a business and you are interested in offering your customers consumer credit , what you need to do is contact one of the various financial companies that allow you to sign the agreement with them. Among the major companies in circulation we mention, for example, Argos , Fundomestic , and the subsidiaries of the Wealth Life Bank group.

To proceed with the request, simply visit the website of the company with whom you are interested in signing the agreement. Here you will find all the information about the methods of request and also all the ways of granting credit to your customers, once the agreement has been granted. For more information, you can contact customer service or make an appointment at one of the company’s branches.


If all the required requirements are respected by your business

If all the required requirements are respected by your business

then in a short time you can finally grant your customers consumer credit. Anyone buying at your store, therefore, may request to defer the payment for the good or service. To do so, the customer will make the request for credit through your business , and if successful, the bank will credit you the sum, which you will return through the installments paid by the purchaser of the product.



Bill to help mortgage lenders in Romania opposed by central bank governor

To help mortgage debtors, a draft law has been drafted by opposition liberals in Romania, whereby individuals who are unable to pay their loan installments could transfer the collateral property to the bank, thereby terminating the loan.

Banks will have no interest in lending if they do not return money


The bill was signed by a total of 156 legislators, which is quite supportive.
Augustos Muresco, governor of the Romanian central bank, said in a statement Tuesday that the initiative was being honored. Agerpres said that the banks are not real estate agents and that the initiative, if it becomes lawful, will repeal mortgage lending, as banks will have no interest in lending if they do not return money but, for example, an apartment. According to Muresco, this initiative undermines the viability of the entire Romanian banking business.

Banks are giving out loans from depositors’ money


He pointed out that banks are giving out loans from depositors’ money, who are expecting to get their money back at an interest rate and not wanting to have “windows, chimneys” instead, referring to the initiative of the legislators.

According to the draft, any individual may request that the property be transferred to the bank if he is unable to pay the loan installments. According to the initiators, the value of the homes now does not cover the value of the loans taken in 2007, so banks will not only take away the home from the insolvent, but may also collect other assets. In their view, risk sharing between the creditor and the creditor is thus not fair.

Financial institutions are currently selling loans


According to the initiators, the draft also benefits banks. According to them, financial institutions are currently selling loans at a 90 percent loss, but the bill will reduce that loss to 40 to 50 percent by allowing banks to quickly take over and sell homes thanks to the accelerated procedure in the bill.
There are currently 950,000 people on the list of creditors in Romania, of whom 200,000 are mortgages.

So much can you save on your appliances


You know, of course, that it costs you money every time you turn on the dryer, the washing machine, the dishwasher, or one of the other many machines you have. But are you really aware of how much you cost on an annual basis?

So much you can save on the laundry

So much you can save on the laundry

In fact, if you have an older date dryer, you can save around $ 500 a year if you replace it with an eco-friendly model labeled A +++, which most new models are. Of course it is best if you can not use the dryer as much as it is the home’s largest power outlet. It is also a great burden on the environment. It is far better to dry the clothes out in the open, but it can be easier said than done in the winter.

Replacing it with a newer model


It is said that it costs somewhere between 8 and 15 crowns each time you press the start button, and sets the machine to dry one’s clothes. If you just say 10 kroner, it is very easy to figure out what you can save every single week if you have it to run just every other day. If you just hang up your clothes twice a week, instead of using the dryer, you can save 20 dollars, and in one year it will be more than 1000 dollars. If your dryer is old, consider replacing it with a newer model – you can find many A +++ models here.

When it comes to the laundry itself, it is generally a good idea to rethink your washing habits a little. T-shirts, underwear and socks may need washing after use every time, but there are many who wash both blouses and pants too often, and when they do, it is too high. Wash fewer times and lower the temperature, so you can quickly save 30%

So much you can save on the dishes


There are many who make mistakes when it comes to washing dishes. If they have a dishwasher they use a lot of hot water to rinse dishes and service before they put it in the machine. This is wasteful and unnecessary. A dishwasher typically uses 10-12 liters of water, and if you rinse a lot, you can quickly use the same.

A dishwasher costs with depreciation, tabs, etc. on the machine approx. 12 kroner. If you can let the machine run once less a week, you have saved around 600 kroner a year. It is certainly not unthinkable that this is the case, as there are many who do not completely fill the machine before they let it run. You can read more savings tips here.

Guide – this is what to look for when applying for a loan

You can end up in situations where a loan is the only solution. be that you have to go out and buy a new car, here it is very normal to save yourself for the payment of it, also take a car loan and pay it off over time.

There can also be several other reasons for the far worse, making it a worse experience for you when you need to borrow money. You can risk standing somewhere in your life where the account is just empty and you need money to move on.

Interest rates will also increase the loan


Unfortunately, many people just forget to get a good idea of ​​what it takes to have a loan. Unfortunately, this means that people cannot always pay on time, which results in the amount owed only increasing. If you do not pay your installments on time, you will start and receive reminders from the company that has lent the money, and that interest rates will also increase the loan.

Before going out and taking out a consumer loan, we recommend that you read through here, where we come up with a host of great tips and tricks on how to get it all planned out properly.

Make a proper budget


One of the primary reasons people often end up as poor payers is that a proper and realistic budget has not been laid down.

Get any Help a professional set your budget – in this way you are sure that it is made realistic and all expenses are properly accounted for.

Need a loan?


Consider an extra time whether you actually need to take out a loan. If you really don’t need it, then of course you shouldn’t record it. So think about an extra time if you really need to borrow the money.

Release for reminder fees – Pay on time

Some of the things that can make it really expensive that loan money is repayment – If you do not pay on time, you will be charged a repayment fee consisting of a certain amount + xx% percent of the loan.

So always make sure to get the loan repaid on time.